According to Alberta Health Services, a network outage is having an impact on some medical services

According to Alberta Health Services, a network outage is impacting some of its services across the province.

According to the organization, which provides healthcare throughout Alberta, EMS dispatch is operating with backup protocols in place.

911 calls are unaffected. It advises people to keep calling 911 in case of emergencies.

AHS stated on its website that some elective, non-urgent procedures are being postponed until the problem is fixed.

“Procedures will be rescheduled for all patients as soon as is practical. There are still ongoing emergency and urgent surgeries, “added AHS.

At some locations, community lab services are impacted and curtailed.

According to AHS, its staff use downtime protocols that are put into action right away if an electronic system is unavailable and guarantee that patient care can continue.

It states that the Health Link 811 line, which offers health advice and information, is open but that higher than normal wait times are anticipated.

At, a temporary AHS website is accessible and will offer updates when services are resumed.