Glenn Beck criticizes the Donald Trump indictment, declaring that “the America we know is finished”

tyrt cfgyjh LIVE UPDATE Glenn Beck, the creator of TheBlaze, criticized the indictment of former President Donald Trump and claimed it had turned him into a “symbol.”

“Donald Trump is no longer even a living being. He is a metaphor. On “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Thursday, Beck said, “He is a symbol of the normal, everyday person who continues being ripped every single time [and] who watches other people wreck up large banks, screw up their enterprises, and get away with it.”

“They frequently see behavior that would land them in a 20-year jail sentence. But, they get away with it since they are not elite. Donald Trump has endured several blows.”

Beck then sported a “Make America Great Again” cap and said that they are the sentiments of “the typical American tonight.”

“For years, he has been taking the hits for the regular citizen. And some on the right believe that he is the only person who truly understands how the people are feeling. Also, the Democrats’ chances of winning the subsequent election are not good “Beck foresaw.


According to the radio presenter, Trump’s indictment was intended to “inflame” the nation and incite right-wing violence. “They want you to make a mistake. Why? So they may then shut the cage, he said to broadcaster Tucker Carlson.

What do you believe the Donald Trump controversy to be actually about? The fundamental change that began in 2008 and destroyed the America we knew is over.

If the nation doesn’t get back on track and elect a candidate other than the present “Banana Republic administration,” Beck issued a number of forecasts about what would occur in the near future. hjkhyuiyui

“We’ll be at war by the year 2025. A new dollar will be introduced; it will likely originate from the central bank. We’ll experience a monetary collapse and live in a fictitious police state “He clarified. “I’m aware that many people could find that absurd. It’s close by. The Bill of Rights no longer exists. Nobody is concentrating. The Republicans are absent. Where are the honorable Democrats who see this is insane?”fgujhty gui