Segment of the 49ers-Eagles game on NFL Network is ruined by a Philadelphia superfan

A segment of the 49ers-Eagles game on NFL Network is ruined by a Philadelphia superfan  Before the 2019 NFC championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers, there occurred the plunge into syrup-chugging insanity. Prior to the NFC divisional game between the Niners and Dallas last week, Michael Irvin was seen loosing his head while yelling pep speeches at pictures of Cowboys players.

And while those bizarre parts are often pre-planned, on Sunday, Colleen Wolfe urged 49ers and Eagles supporters to stand behind her, Mike Garafolo, and Kurt Warner during a “NFL GameDay” moment in front of Lincoln Financial Field:

The choice was almost instantly regretted by the group, largely due to one Eagles superfan, as you can see on Warner’s face. The guy, who is wearing an Eagles shirt, face paint, and a backwards Birds cap, initially approaches from behind a blonde woman before moving in front of her and yelling, “YEAH. YEAH. YEAH BABY. WOO. Yes, indeed. STAY BIRDS. “GO BIRDS,” he yelled, then joined an audible “E-A-G-L-E-S” shout.

As she struggles to continue the pregame conversation, Wolfe’s two co-hosts are unable to hear her.

biggest danger? The audience, perhaps? Wolfe, who is from Philadelphia and may have anticipated it, adds, “I don’t know, I feel like that’s sort of a threat right now. They’ve gotten a little out of hand, I apologize.

In later episodes, a metal fence was erected, and the fans were moved back a distance so that spectators (as well as Garafolo and Warner) could hear. This piece probably provided the answer to your question about whether Eagles supporters will be as rowdy and crazed as ever for the NFC championship game on Fox at noon.